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Just cuz I like the colors!

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Just cuz I like the colors!



Click here to see the Photo Album!Hi, my name is Sassy. Usually I get called other names. Click here to see them. I was born on October 12, 1998 in Napoleon, Missouri. Rocky, who shares the page with me, and I have family ties. Well...let me back up... A young man named Juan owns my dad, Mikey. Mikey fathered a litter with my Mom, and Juan got the pick of the litter (me). For some strange reason (fate) he decided to sell me instead of keeping me. I figure that's a good thing cuz my new mom and dad came and adopted me on December 2, 1998. I was nearly eight weeks old. They picked me up in the apple shed at Beckner's Orchard. I was in a box on a sorting table. I was cold and scared, shivering like crazy. (Good ploy, huh?) Mom and Dad thought I was pretty cute, I guess, cuz they decided to take me right away. Ok, now back to the family ties thing, which is a little confusing to me..... Mikey is the son of Sparky, who was Rocky's dad, which makes Rocky my uncle.

On my first doctor visit, I weighed 2.4 pounds. I'm pretty petite...Come to think of it....I'm pretty pretty....

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