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Just cuz I like the colors!

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Just cuz I like the colors!



Rocky and Sassy's Trainer, Please check out this site! He is a very good trainer. We like him alot!

First, let me say that I am not a professional dog trainer. I still attend obedience classes with my pups because I believe that training is very important to our relationship. I am a very soft-hearted owner that hates having to correct my beloved pups. (I must remember that they are dogs!)

In 1980, I started trying to train my Keeshond with a poor method that I read in a book somewhere, sometime. Kishi was a good dog and survived the training with no skills at all, but we came to an agreement that worked for us.

I subsequently acquired another Keeshond, Kioshi, and a Chow, Teddy. Both were good dogs, but were totally untrained. I swore that I would not own another dog unless it was trained.

When I acquired Budo, an AKC "blue" Chow Chow, I knew I needed to train him correctly (we all know the reputation of the Chow). By accident, I purchased a book titled "The Koehler Method of Open Obedience for Ring, Home and Field" by William R. Koehler. While this was not the correct book for basic obedience, I was astounded by its straightforward methods. I immediately went out and bought the correct book for beginners: "The Koehler Method of Dog Training" by William Koehler. I still own, and re-read, this book. Since then I have read at least 30 books on the subject. While many have righteous ideas, I still like Koehler's " method", because it seems to have a strong, no nonsense foundation.

Budo and I started training and I must say we did a pretty good job. Chows are not known for their obedience skills. Budo learned most of the Novice and Open skills. During this time, I started training with a local trainer. He was a pretty good trainer, but he seemed to be a little on the cruel side. He said that he did not subscribe to any given training method, but he seems to use some of Koehler's ideas, so I was OK with the training. Budo and I competed in a few "fun" matches and even won some ribbons.

In the meantime, I got another Chow, Michi. Later, Budo, Michi and I, trained under a lady who did teach Koehler's method. I liked the training a lot. It was good to train with Koelher's methods, from someone who had trained in the system. She was very kind to the dogs, but firm. I believe that she truly loved dogs and had their best interests at heart. Unfortunately, she was caught on film, using what some would call a harsh technique. The local media picked up on it, and during the furor she was forced to move away from town. I have no idea where she is now.

When we got Rocky, a rat terrier, I went to Dan Miles of Miles and Miles Dog Training. He is a very kind trainer, who also seems to truly love dogs. (His dog, Chief, is a wonderful example of a well-behaved dog.) Rocky has learned basic obedience skills. He goes to work at our business for two hours every night, and sometimes on weekends. He is a good ambassador for our business. Most people comment on his good behavior, even though he sometimes breaks his "downs". If you are from the Kansas City (north) area, we would strongly recommend Dan Miles. Now that we have Sassy, we will be training there again. Rocky will also go back for more training, since I seem to need the structure of a formal class.

While there is much controversy about Koehler, I still believe in the Koehler concept and hope you will visit their web site. I am not sure that I advocate all of the methods for "problem dogs", but the basic training seems sound to me. If you have an open mind and are willing to read just a little, click here. I would also recommend the complete series of books by Koehler, but only if you are really interested in dog training, not just popular dog psychology books. The conceptual idea is the important point.

Click here to see other books that I like. 

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